Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Docker Swarm

With Docker Swarm,you can create and manage Docker clusters. Swarm can be used to disperse containers across multiple hosts.
Once youhave the Docker daemon installed, installing Docker Swarm will be simple:

docker pull swarm

three components of Docker Swarm:
Swarm manager
Swarm host

Docker Swarm is the container that runs on each Swarm host. Swarm uses a unique token for each cluster to be able to join the cluster. The Swarm container itself is the one that communicates on behalf of that Docker host to the other Docker hosts that are running Docker Swarm as well as the Docker Swarm manager.

Swarm manager
The Swarm manager is the host that is the central management point for all the Swarm hosts. The Swarm manager is where you issue all your commands to control nodes. You can switch between the nodes, join nodes, remove nodes, and manipulate the hosts

Swarm host
 Swarm hosts, are those that run the Docker containers. The Swarm host is managed from the Swarm manager.

Docker Swarm usage

  •  Creating a cluster
  •  Joining nodes 
  • Removing nodes 
  • Managing nodes

The detail commands for Docker Swarm are in below link

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