Sunday, September 6, 2015

Amazon Web Services: Simple Notification Service

In this blog, we will discuss Simple notification service

SNS sends notices to internal assets from AWS:from Application to user OR to application or user. SNS is useful for monitoring, alerts and logging.

SNS Setup

To set up a SNS,

  •  Create a Topic. Think it as a mailbox or email alias
  • Add Subscribers: Think of it like a  multiple recipients.If more than just email
  • Subscribers must confirm since this is an internal message
  • And you send messages to the Topic. All confirmed subscribers immedialy et the message
SNS Overview

  • it obviates the need to build custom messaging
  • its push based messaging
  • Deep integration with other AWS services
  • it has API and AWS console support

.Next we identify SNS subscriber types

  • Http/s
  • email/ email-JSON
  • SMS
  • SQS
SNS Service integration

  • Autoscaling: Publish instance add/remove messages
  • EC2:Application on EC2 can leverage SNS
  • S3
  • Cloudwatch

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