Monday, August 31, 2015

Amazon Web Services: Virtual Private Cloud

In this blog, we will discuss Amazon Web Services,Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

 Please have a look at the diagram below:

Customer 1 (C1), Customer 2(C2) and Customer 3 (C3) have their EC2 instances. Without VPC, C2 can ping and try to access easily C3 s EC2 instances.

VPC Benefits:

  • Logical isolation of your resources from other customers, from internal divisions and application tiers.
  • Control Over:
          --Address Spaces
          --Subnets: Do you know minimum size of subnets should be /28 or 14 ip addresses and maximum size should be eual to size of VPC. We can have 200 Subnest per AZ
          --Route Tables and NATs
          --Network Gateway (VPN and Internet)
          --Ingress and egress security groups
          --Multiple Elastic Network Interface (ENI) on VPC EC2
          --Control over dedicated hardware

VPC Limitations are:
  • Only Select resources like ELB( w/support to balance web/app tier), EC2( and EBS, Autoscaling), RDS, Elasticache can be launched in a VPC
  • You will want to launch all of them together either inside or outside VPC
  • No multicast or broadcast support
  • 5 VPCs per account per Region
  • 200 subnets per VPC
  • 5 vpc eip per account per region
  • 1 internet gateway per VPC
  • No. Of ENIs per instance depend upon type of instance

VPC Setup:

  • Create VPC: Choose reaonable IPs
  • Creeate Subnets
  • Create route tables, NACLs
  • Launch assets into VPC
  • Create IG.VPG

So this is the basic understanding of VPC


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