Sunday, May 10, 2015

Building Microsoft Private Cloud Using System Center 2012: High Level design

Microsoft have a amazing private cloud solution besides its public cloud (Azure). In this blog we will cover how to build a Microsoft Private cloud. Lets face it, we are so much used to Microsoft.

If we see The picture above, you can clearly see Microsoft difference

Different componennents of System center:

  1)      Virtual machine manager
  2)      Operations manager
  3)      Configuration manager
  4)      Data protection manager
  5)      Orchestrator
  6)      Service manager

  7)      App controller

    The Flow is like below

But the architecture is

Private cloud is automating different stacks of technology. Thats what we are doing here.

for detailed implementation steps  please go to link

Monday, May 4, 2015

1 year journey of Blogging- Complete Blog List

I would be completing my one year of Blogging on May 23, 2105. Exactly one year ago i started blogging. Its quite a Journey.

In this blog , I am putting list of all my blogs .

General Blogs
2.               IBM and HP: Two different talesof Tech Giants
3.               Hyper Converged System: EVO RAIL  

Cloud Computing

1.                     vCoud Director Installation and configuration
2.                     Changing Face of Managed services: A Threat to Likes of HP, IBM
3.                     HP CSA Implementation
5.                     HP CSA Vs VMware VCAC
6.                     10 best practices for cloud design
7.                     vCloud Suite Architecture-1
8.                     vCloud Suite Architecture-2
9.                     Application Suitability For Cloud
10.                 Openstack- Its importance in Cloud. The HP Helion Boost
13.                 AWSElasticity Principles of elasticity
22.       vCAC 6: Installation 
24.       Azure AD Fundamentals
25.       Changing Cloud Market

VMware Technologies/Disaster Recovery:

  1. Site recovery manager and vsphere replication feature
  2. USE VMware site recovery manager to test disaster recovery -optimize the disaster recovery plan 
  3. USE VMware site recovery manager to test disaster recovery -2
  4. USE VMware site recovery manager to test disaster recovery -1
  5. VMware NSX: Overview of the Software-Defined Data Center        

Storage Sizing:

Big Data:
·         Big data: Technology Stack
·         Big Data: Map Reduce
·         Big Data: Managing HDFS
·         Big Data: Introduction to Pig
·          Big Data:Introduction to Hbase
·         Big Data: Microsoft HDinsight

Datacenter, Transformation and Migration
·         Data Center Migration
·         Application Migration Strategy
·         Green Datacenter

Enterprise architecture- Solution Architecture


Architecting a Citrix Virtualization solution
 There are 2 parts to it:
  1)    Assessment
  2)    Design

Assessment is further divided into
·          User Community
·         Operating System Delievery
·         Application Delivery
·         Server Virtualization
·         Infrastructure
·         Security and personalization
·          Operation and Support
·         Conceptual Architecture

  Design is further divided into
·         Application Delievery design
·         Desktop Delivery design
·         Access Design

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