Sunday, March 15, 2015

Azure AD Fundamenetals

Identity management is one of the most challenging tasks for an organization. In this blog we see  how to manage your organizations identities by using on Premise AD Domain Services, MS Azure AD Premium, device registration,

Create and AD in your Azure AD subscription
   1.       Sign in to the Azure management Portal
·         Open Internet explorer and go to
·         Sign in with your Azure Account
·         At the bottom of the page select new. Then select App services and Active directory
·         Select directory and Custom create
·         Under Directory select Create New directory
·         Under name of the directory, give it a name
·         Under Domain name give Unique DNS name for your directory such as Microsoft_dir
·         Under Country, select your location and click finish

   2.       Create an administrative account for the directory
·         Go to AD view on the left of the portal
·         Select the AD you created
·         Select the users pivot at the top of the portal
·         Click add User, Admin and also select role as Global admin
Integrating on Premise AD DS with Azure AD

Azure AD connects allows you to synchronize your on premise users and group object with Azure AD. Once integrated, users can use the same credentials to access on premise resources and Azure resources and Apps
Connect on Premise AD DS with Azure AD
  Ø  Run the MicrosoftAzureActiveDirecrtoryConnect.msi
·         Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect Wizard starts
·         Accept the license Page and continue
·         On the Install Pre-requistes page, wizard automatically determines any pre-requisite are installed. If any is missing, wizard automatically downloads and install them. When the process is complete, click install
·         The Azure Tenant page Wizard opens. In Username, type AzureADadmin ( that we created earlier). Click Next. The wizard connects to Azure to verify credentials
·         On the Select Your Soluion Page, Select the AD solution that fits your organization.  The solutions are:
§  Express Settings: This solution configures synchronization between Your On premise AD DS and Azure AD
§  Custom Settings: This solution configures synchronization between Your On premise AD DS and Azure AD. This solution also allows you to configure on premise AD FS with (or without)  password synchronization, which enables full integration with your  On premise AD DS, Azure AD and devices and apps that use ADFS

·         We will use express settings. Click next, and enter credentials. Click install and its configured

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