Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This is a follow up blog on my previous blog VMware vCloud Air : Architecture and Principles

In this blog we will discuss role based access controls for vCloud Air

There are two major roles in vCloud Air: Administrators and End-Users.  Administrators can be assigned different sub-roles (Account admins, VI admins, Network admins, Read Only admins and Subscription admins).  End-users have none of the above and can only have rights to deploy in a given Virtual Data Center (vDC) or Virtual Private Cloud (one or more).
There are 6 different rights available in a tenant when you create a new user

They are:
Account Administrator
Virtual Infrastructure (VI) Admin
Network Administrator
Read-Only Admin
Subscription Admin
End User
These roles cannot be modified or extended. They are available as-is as part of the service

Login to VCloud Air and go to Dashboard view
Please click on the Users tab
This is the global users view.  Here you can see a list of the users that have been created within this VPC.
All user management is done through this interface.  
To add a user:
1. Click the "Add Individual User"

This form is where you entitle a new user and set his/her role within the service. Note: we will not be creating a user at this time.  This is merely here to show you how to create and user and assign it to a role group

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