Wednesday, December 17, 2014

vCAC 6: Installation

In the last blog we covered pre-requisites of installation. Now we finally go ahead and do the installation

Lets Start with vCloud Automation Center Appliance Installation

To install the vCloud Automation Center appliance, we would need to accomplish below tasks:
1. Deploy the vCloud Automation Center virtual appliance.
2. Configure time settings.
3. Configure CAFE name.
4. Configure SSL certificates.
5. Configure SSO.

6. Type a license key

Deploy the vCloud Automation Center virtual appliance: We would need to deploy OVF or OVA template for this.

Now login to the appliance with root user id and password supplied at the time of installation. go to http://VCAC_Appliance_FQDN:5480/ 

Configure time settings
Go to admin tab and configure the time settings

Configure CAFE name

From Host Settings, select Resolve Host Name to set the CAFE host name

 Configure SSL certificates.

Configure SSO.

Type a license key

We have now completely installed VCAC appliance. Now we will do IAAS installation

To install the IaaS components:
1. Download the installation wizard from the vCloud Automation Center Appliance:
2. Validate prerequisite tests.
3. Select the installation type.
4. Type credentials.
5. Set service account details and passphrase.
6. Set configure database settings.
7. Configure DEM and agent names.

Now login to the appliance

Select the installation type.
• Complete Install will install all IaaS components on this machine.
• Custom Install allows an administrator to selectively choose IaaS components for a distributed installation.

Run Pre-requisite checker

now configure server and account settings
Confirm the name of the DEM Worker and the DEM Orchestrator. The endpoint name configured for the vSphere Agent is required when configuring endpoints.

Configure all the necessary settings for the component registry, SSO login, and the IaaS hostname

and you are done with installation. Next is configuration

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