Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My 2014 Blogs

As the year comes to end , here is the list of 2014 blogs. This year has been a busy year. I promise lot more to come from my side

General Blogs

Microsoft Private Cloud

Storage Sizing

Amazon Web Services

Big Data
·             Big data: Technology Stack
·             Big Data: Map Reduce
·             Big Data- Installing Hadoop ( Single Node)
·             Big Data- Apache Hadoop Multi Node
·             Big Data: Managing HDFS
·             Big Data: Map Reduce Development
·             Big Data: Introduction to Pig
·         Big Data: Microsoft HDinsight

Architecting a Citrix Virtualization solution
 There are 2 parts to it:
  1)    Assessment
  2)    Design

Assessment is further divided into
·          User Community
·         Operating System Delievery
·         Application Delivery
·         Server Virtualization
·         Infrastructure
·         Security and personalization
·          Operation and Support
·         Conceptual Architecture

Design is further divided into
·         Application Delivery design
·         Desktop Delivery design
·         Access Design

Datacenter, Transformation and Migration

·         Data Center Migration

·         Application Migration Strategy

·         Green Datacenter


Enterprise architecture- Solution Architecture

·         TOGAF: Practical implementation-1

·         TOGAF: Practical Implementation-2: Requirement Gathering- Business Architecture

·         TOGAF: Practical Implementation-3: Requirement Gathering-Information Systems Architecture, Technology architecture and Opportunities=> Solution

Cloud Computing

1.                   vCoud Director Installation and configuration
3.                   HP CSA Implementation
5.                   HP CSA Vs VMware VCAC
6.                   10 best practices for cloud design
7.                   vCloud Suite Architecture-1
8.                   vCloud Suite Architecture-2
9.                   Application Suitability For Cloud

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