Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MY TOP 50 Blogs

I have written about 50 blogs. When you write so many blogs, articles gets lost. Below is the link of my all blogs, in one place

Cloud Computing

  1. vCoud Director Installation and configuration
  2. Changing Face of Managed services: A Threat to Likes of HP, IBM
  3. HP CSA Implementation
  4. Are HP and Intel About to Revolutionize Virtual Desktops? (HPQ, INTC)
  5. HP CSA Vs VMware VCAC
  6. 10 best practices for cloud design
  7. vCloud Suite Architecture-1
  8. vCloud Suite Architecture-2
  9. Application Suitability For Cloud
  10. Openstack- Its importance in Cloud. The HP Helion Boost

Big Data:

·         Big data: Technology Stack

·         Big Data: Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS)

·         Big Data: Map Reduce

·         Big Data- Installing Hadoop ( Single Node)

·         Big Data- Apache Hadoop Multi Node

·         Big Data: Troubleshooting, Administering and optimizing Hadoop

·         Big Data: Managing HDFS

·         Big Data: Map Reduce Development

·         Big Data: Introduction to Pig

Datacenter, Transformation and Migration

·         Data Center Migration

·         Application Migration Strategy

·         Green Datacenter

Enterprise architecture- Solution Architecture

·         TOGAF: Practical implementation-1

·         TOGAF: Practical Implementation-2: Requirement Gathering- Business Architecture

·         TOGAF: Practical Implementation-3: Requirement Gathering-Information Systems Architecture, Technology architecture and Opportunities=> Solution





Architecting a Citrix Virtualization solution
 There are 2 parts to it:
  1)    Assessment
  2)    Design

Assessment is further divided into
·          User Community
·         Operating System Delievery
·         Application Delivery
·         Server Virtualization
·         Infrastructure
·         Security and personalization
·          Operation and Support
·         Conceptual Architecture

Design is further divided into
·         Application Delievery design
·         Desktop Delivery design
·         Access Design

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