Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cloud Computing and Big Data: Threat to IT Jobs and Over Hyped?

There are two disruptive technologies which have gained significant traction in the world economy: Cloud Computing and Big Data.

Lets discuss some opportunities and threats and realistic scenarios regarding these technologies.

Cloud Computing:

The world is seeing significant transformation in business with the arrival of cloud. In this blog, our focus is on public cloud.

More and More large and small enterprises are moving to public cloud hosted by Amazon, Microsoft and HP. Software as a Service (SAAS) is the hottest service available. All small and big software vendors have started hosting their software on the public and offer as a service. This frees up organizations headache in purchasing hardware and software.
Pay as you go makes lots of sense to an organization. There is faster turnover  to transition to service in cloud then in your own Data centers.

Since multiple vendors are hosting their software on cloud and offering it as a service, they are also taking ownership of availability of service and management of service. This affects IT jobs in Operation. As more and more servers are built on cloud, the less jobs remain for operations team. This results in lots of jobs to me lost. This reduces the cost of an enterprises. So the managed services model of the IT companies is dying. Dont be surprised if managed service model is completely dead in 5 years.

Now there is an interesting issue here. The challenge for an enterprises will be multiple vendor management. There will be a situation when there will too many software vendors to be managed so that  enterprise starts bringing the cloud back to its Data center. Its a possibility. Circle of life. Lets wait and watch

Big Data

Let me start with the statement that Big Data technologies are awesome and its potential for enterprise is enormous.
But when we talk about business opportunities in big data solution from IT perspective, i think its over hyped.

Let em explain you why.

Its an awesome opportunity if you have to stand up multi node clusters for big data. But this is not true anymore thanks to Amazon and Microsoft Azure. I dont need to set up expensive cluster to get big data solution for my enterprise. I can just go to Amazon EMR or Microsoft Azure HDinsight and spin up and instance and get my big data solution in few hundred dollars.

SO for IT companies Big Data wont make much money too.

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