Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Big Data: Introduction to Pig

So far we have covered the following topics in the big data. You can click on the hyperlink and go to a specific topic.

-Map Reduce developmen

In this blog, we cover the topic, Pig. 
So what is Pig? Pig is high level data scripting language.

The major components of pig are:
-Runtime engine
-language Pig Latin

Execution Tools| Mode
- Grunt shell or commandline
-local or map reduce mode
-interactive or batch

Below is the Pig Latin Script

lets look at the script little closer. first three lines A, B and C are loading data in the cluster. D and E are the filters


SQL (Declarative)
-Write queries from inside out
-Complex queries can get different to comprehend

PIG Latin (Procedural)
-Data flows step by step
-clean and easy to write
-data can be stored at any point in the pipe

Pig Latin

- collection of statements
-statements built using operators/expressions

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