Monday, July 14, 2014

Openstack- Its importance in Cloud. The HP Helion Boost

Every enterprise expects few things from cloud computing, mainly:

· Auto scaling: The workload should increase and decrease as needed by the IT environment.

· Automatic repair: If there is any fault or crash of the application or the server, it automatically fix it

· Fault tolerant: The application or underlying technology is intelligent enough to make itself fault torrent

· Integrated lifecycle: It should have integrated lifecycle

· Unified management: Its easy to manage all different aspects of technology

· Less cost

· Speed

Its year 2014. till now only 5% to 7% enterprises are using cloud computing. Such a small number. Its a huge opportunity and a vast majority for anyone who is interested in providing cloud computing services.

Current IT environment is very complex. You just cant solve all your problems with cloud computing.

There are legacy systems, databases, data processors, different hardware and software. You name it , there are so many technology available in just one large enterprises.
Enterprises are no more looking for what an IT vendor is offering. Enterprises are looking for tools which makes their work agile, cost less and highly available.This is age  of social media, Iphones and androids. The need to be connected 24X7. this is the age if IT Consumerization. Cloud.Cloud computing is a tool in their environment to make these things.

Having said that, here is the same battle again which we saw earlier in the Operating system battle. Its a battle between opensource and Propriety technologies.

Lets be clear opensource won hands down. 

What Linux was to server operating system, Open stack will be to cloud computing!!

Initially Open stack had the same concerns as Opensource had.

But HP coming and sponsoring and investing big time in openstack have assured the enterprises of these concern. Like Redhat, Suse linux did for Opensource, HP is doing for Openstack.

Openstack has its advantages too:

Let me explain these advantages. Since openstack is an open platform and there is no vendor lock in  it easy for developers to make APIs for this platform. When the platform is open it costs less and there is lot of flexibility. 
When an enterprise deploys a hybrid cloud, it would want to make sure that when it burst into public cloud, then its not found lacking. It means that when you try to burst to any public cloud , then your cloud is incompatible with public cloud and you cant burst out . 

To know more about openstack, please go to the link :Openstack : Details .This blog is written by my friend Selva Kumar on openstack.

One size does not fit all. We need to have a cloud computing solution that caters to problems and challenges to different enterprises. ENTER HP HELION

When you look at cloud as a destination, how you get there is unimportant. What is very imperative, however, is how you manage, control and scale applications in a hybrid environment that leverages a variety of technologies and spans multiple clouds. HP Helion addresses these items by moving beyond the "typical" cloud to become the very fabric of your enterprise. It brings together all of the benefits and agility of cloud computing, the possibilities and interoperability of open source, and the security, compliance and reliability your enterprise needs to move to the next level of success.

HP Helion is an enterprise cloud platform by HP consisting of hardware, software, and services hosted in the private, public, and hybrid cloud. HP Helion was announced and launched in May 2014. HP has revealed it will commit 1 billion USD over two years to develop and market the platform.

HP Helion OpenStack is an open, scale-out, extensible cloud platform that makes it easier to build, manage, and consume hybrid clouds. HP Helion OpenStack accelerates cloud deployment and cloud application development for organizations providing cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, and/or SaaS) to multiple independent groups and their users across different sites.

Based on open standards, HP Helion OpenStack is extensible, taking advantage of community-driven innovation. You can move, deliver, and integrate cloud services across public, private, and traditional IT environments. Host workloads in the way that makes sense for your business needs.
HP uses Openstack as the base on which merges or builds  its different cloud software or hardware technologies. The advantage is its open. HP cloud technologies also work with IBM, Dell, EMC etc. thats the beauty of the solution is.

HP Public cloud is hosted on Openstack


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