Friday, May 23, 2014

vCoud Director Installation and configuration

Prerequisites: Before installing vCloud Director
1)      vSphere with vCenter with ESX\ESXi Hosts running and configured: Besides common shared storage, one NFS partition should also be available
2)      vShield manager must be installed and configured
3)      vCloud Director database must exists and available to all cells in the cluster. IT is a separate machine
4)      Separate Database user account must exist with required system privileges: Create an admin account and grant following privileges:

vCloud Director Installation:
a)      vCloud Director requires RED HAT Enterprise Linux 5 (64bit) Update 4 or 5 Operating System
b)      Oracle Database 10G Configured and available
c)       Two IP addresses are needed for each vCloud Director system.2 IPs are needed so that vCloud Director can support one different  SSL connections. One for HTTP service and another for console proxy service

We need to install vmware-director-cloud-1.0.0-285979.bin

SSL Certificates:
vCloud director requires SSL certificates to secure communication between client and servers\
Each system requires 2 SSL certificates one for each IP address
Creating Self Signed Certificates:
JAVA version should be 1.6
Create a certificates folder

We are creating untrusted certificates


We need to run the vCloud director configuration script.IT will allow us to configure Network and Database connections.

Press Yes.
It Involves:
a)      Accepting the license agreement
b)      Enter vCloud Director License Key
c)       Create the first vCloud Director system administrator account
d)      Enter System name and installation unique identifiers

Open the Web browser and type the URL

Accept the License agreement and click Next
Enter your VCD license Key and click next
Create administrator account by specifying the username and password and click next
For system settings

Click next and finish

Adding vSphere Resources
a)      Attach vCenter server
b)      Connect vShield Manager

Please login to vCloud Director web interface
On the Home page, under quick start: click on ATTACH A vCenter Server

Click next

Click Next and Finish

Once Data collector are installed

And you are ready

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