Sunday, May 25, 2014

TOGAF: Practical implementation-1

TOGAF is a generic framework. I believe no enterprise uses the TOGAF in its generic form. Every enterprise customizes the TOGAF as per its needs. TOGAF can be used in two ways: Enterprise level and Individual level. Individual level means how a professional can use on a project level in more practical manner. This topic covers individual level TOGAF usage. How TOGAF is used practically instead of just being a theory. This whole discussion is about using a framework in a real environment, a practical implementation. TOGAF is an enterprise framework. We will break down TOGAF and use it as  a solution framework.It No more will be a TOGAF. It will more of a stripped down TOGAF.
First, we will divide the TOGAF framework into different sections and then we will go deep in each section.
I have divided TOGAF under following categories
1)      Requirements

2) Solutioning

3)   Delivery

4)       Governance/Change Management
As part of our discussion, we will go through different phases. This topic will be complete in multiple blogs. I
Now we have down the ground work of breaking and stripping of TOGAF into different parts. In my next blog, we will start with Requirements section. This is the most important and the biggest part. This section will be further divided into 4 parts. Each part tells us how to get requirements. Once the requirement section is done, then rest is easy.

So For Requirements
1) Business Architucture- 


  1. Hi Abhishek...Good start ...But I think we are missing on the most important part of TOGAF which is solution continuum....Solutioning specifically doesn't go in isolation ..Phase C Phase D and phase E normally works in iterative mode....

    1. Sudhanshu, You are correct. But here the approach is to take step by step different parts of the solution like Business architecture which will merge together into a solution


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